Student Organizations and Clubs – A Brief Summary

An important part of getting the full college experience is becoming an involved, active member of your campus community. Student organizations and clubs offer a chance to grow socially and academically, and in many cases contribute to the overall strength and growth of the active student body. Whether you want to join a club based on your hobbies, academic interests, social issues, personal beliefs, political affiliations, or potential career field, you’re nearly guaranteed to find an organization or club on campus that meets your wants and needs. If no such organization exists already, starting it yourself is an excellent resume-builder and could help to even further improve the campus community, as other students likely share your hobbies and interests.

Holding membership in these campus groups is a great way to show potential employers how dedicated you are, and they may even foster relationships that will be helpful when you begin your job search. In addition, you will get the chance to spend time with your peers with similar interests and create lasting personal or professional relationships.