Managing Group Assignments – A Brief Summary

One of any college’s top missions is to prepare its students for life after college and the sort of situations they will encounter in the “real world” or a corporate environment. For this and other reasons, you are sure to encounter group projects throughout your academic life. Managing group assignments can be very difficult or a refreshing change of pace, depending on your personality and how you view such tasks. But because they are a certainty, learning how to deal with group-mates and shared grades early on will be key to your success in college and in life after graduation.

Group projects will measure a number of things, not the least of which being how well you can delegate and split tasks among a group of your peers. Working in a team environment is a great skill that you will take beyond the college classroom into your professional life, and the elements will remain more or less the same: sharing ideas, managing time properly, dividing tasks based on strengths and weaknesses, and uniting components of a project into a polished finished work.