Get to Know Your Advisors – A Brief Summary

Heading into any distance-learning program, it is common for students to bring their own personal experiences and preconceived notions to their online college education. For some students, transitions into standardized curriculum and new protocol and procedures can be difficult and may hinder success, as not everyone easily adapts to change. Both traditional and online colleges employ academic advisors to assist students with the transition and increase their chances of success in a new educational environment.

Because no two student concerns are exactly the same, advisors are on hand to get to know students on an individual basis and counsel students on academic and career-related matters as they pertain to each student. Academic advisors can offer career counseling, course scheduling assistance, and conflict resolution, as well as assist students with other school-related concerns. Getting to know your advisor early will help him or her provide thoughtful and valuable advice should you need it during your academic career.