Footnotes for Teachers

As teachers, the part of our anatomy that we constantly harass the most are our feet (next to our vocal cords). When I was an elementary teacher, a colleague was reprimanded by our principal for sitting down during her class lecture. She had dysmenorrhea that time, but being the obedient teacher that she was, she zipped her mouth, endured the cramps and suffered the next 30 minutes of standing up.

Yes, there’s actually no escape. There’s that unwritten rule in teaching that TEACHERS HAVE TO STAND MOST OF THE TIME. I’m fine with that rule. I can’t imagine myself sitting behind the desk while giving a lecture on the Renaissance Period. During tests, I also roam around the classroom.

Not only is it an unwritten rule, but also a decorum for teachers to stand when he/she has a lecture. If you’re a teacher who constantly props your feet on the table during class then you’re a “Bad Teacher.” The movie poster in fact of the movie with that title shows a hangover Cameron Diaz sleeping behind skewed sunglasses while propping her stiletto covered feet on the table.

But we’re not bad teachers! We literally stand in the name of education. So, now that it’s set that we’re supposed to be standing on our feet most of the time, in your stiletto if you please, we now go on the bane of being such skilled footmen: varicose veins, arthritis, foot cramps, bunions, and smelly feet!

How do we, then take care of our feet? Here are some footnotes I’d like to share to you, dear colleagues:


Before you go complaining about the inconvenience of it, let me tell you that it’s the number one prevention of varicose veins. Why? Varicose veins are caused by blood vessels which have erupted because of too much pressure from standing up. Stockings try to hold and smoothen the pressure in the legs. Sorry, gentlemen, this one’s not for you, unless, of course, you’d want to join Robin Hood and his Merrymen.


Flats are alright, but I’ve learned once that shoes with two to three inches heels are also good because they help us propel forward when we walk. Oddly enough, most teachers go for fashion and style than for comfort. Comfort need not be expensive. The most comfortable pair of shoes I bought was only $6. It did not last long, however. If you’d want shoes that would go a long way, then invest on good brands. They’re worth every penny. There are many comfortable shoes in the market. All you have to do is shop around and try them on. Shopping for shoes on hot weather is much preferable because it is said that our feet decrease in size when the weather’s cold. The last thing we want are shoes that are way too tight.


Pamper your feet to a foot spa once or twice a month. Getting a pedicure is plus points, too for having pretty feet. A reflex or a massage helps get rid of the pain and relaxes the feet, too.We sometimes take our feet for granted by never giving them much attention, unless they’re already screaming for a much needed pedicure or for a good ‘ole massage.

In ancient times, kissing someone’s feet is a sign of respect. As teachers, we all want to be respected, but thankfully, our students need not go that far of kissing our feet. Taking care of our feet simply means we are respecting ourselves and when our students see that, they in turn will respect us.

I believe that if we try to do all the enumerated points above, we’d be standing up for education in comfort and style. March on, brave footmen!